Monthly Archives: June 2014

Summer Coolers

Summer is here and in full swing in sunny Arizona and it is hot! Try these refreshing summer coolers from Better Homes and Gardens: Tr Sparkling Peach Punch Ingredients 3 cups water 1 1/2 cups sugar 1×3 ounce package peach-flavored gelatin 1×29 ounce can peach slices in light syrup 4×11.3 ounce can peach nectar 1/2 cup… Read more

Beat the Heat!

Most rental homes in Arizona come equipped with an air conditioner or swamp cooler. As a tenant, this should be 1 of the first things you identify in a potential rental home. Make sure you understand the difference between the different cooling technologies and the advantages/disadvantages of each type of system. Take a look around… Read more

Gentry Welcomes a New Team Member

Gentry Real Estate Group is pleased to announce our newest team member, Jean Jensen. She has been hired as our marketing coordinator. Her years of experience and positive attitude add to the strength of the Gentry Team. Please welcome her aboard!

How Can A Property Management Company Help Me?

If you own rental or investment property, hiring a property management company is a decision that holds the potential for a number of benefits. Professional property management companies can make a huge impact on the way investors care for their properties, while affording them the ability to place focus in areas better suited to their… Read more