Monthly Archives: July 2014

Application Screening and Security Deposits Matter

Everyone has heard horror stories about being a landlord, and managing tenant occupied properties, but this is one for the books! So here’s the story, how we managed to turn it around, and hopefully how to prevent this from happening to you: This was a property a client purchased at auction that we took over… Read more

Choosing The Right Property Manager

As an investor or Agent referring your client, it’s a difficult decision who is the right company to protect you and your assets. I am sure we have all heard horror stories about management companies not preforming as promised, or worse, engaging in illegal or immoral activity, or scam artists on Craigslist taking advantage of… Read more

Property Management Simplified

5 ways to avoid tenant problems from the start 1. Screen well: Although vacancy is always a concern, there are enough good tenants out there, you don’t need to accept the first one that comes along. It’s important to make sure they can afford the home, and they don’t have any prior issues with landlords,… Read more

Moving Does Not Have To Be Misery

Do you dread moving? The pressure of having to pack all of your belongings and move them to a new location doesn’t have to be miserable. Follow these steps to make your move as smooth as possible. PLAN AHEAD 1. Pick a day and time to move. Your best bet will be to pick a… Read more

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Gentry Real Estate Group as Your Property Manager

1. Save Time Managing your investment property is time consuming. Seasoned property managers manage your rental property full-time, and are experts in effectively managing your investment. Gentry Real Estate Group property managers are dedicated to ensuring that prospective tenants are thoroughly screened via a private investigator and that they meet stringent guidelines prior to being… Read more

Gentry Rentals Welcome Video

Please watch our latest video below. We hope you enjoy all of our home tours for our available rentals. We also provide inspection tours for clients of our property management division. Investors love to see a video detailing the move-out condition of their property.