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5 Apps that May Keep you from Hating your Roomates

Renting a home or apartment can sometimes be difficult. On top of finding a great location with the best property management, you also need to be able to afford it. That’s where roommates come in. Roommates are sometimes a necessary evil of living, and they’re strange, because you share many household items and responsibilities with… Read more

Apple opening data center in Mesa

Announced in early February of this year, the tech giant Apple said that it will invest $2 billion over the next ten years to convert the GT Advanced plant in Mesa into a new data center. The new facility—which will serve as a command center for the company’s global networks—will employ 150 full-time Apple employees… Read more

How do I handle a problem tenant?

There are horror stories abound about the most irresponsible and destructive tenants. For an example of the worst that could possibly happen, check out “Bad Tenants” on YouTube. The problems that tenants can cause range from relatively small, like stains on the carpet, to the downright criminal, like setting up a meth lab. Most of… Read more

Five fun birthday activities for kids

So your little one’s turning a year older soon, and you want to make this birthday a fun one. Keeping kids entertained is no easy task, so we’ve got some birthday game ideas to help you keep the party fun and energetic. Here’s a list of five of our favorites: Popcorn Drop This is a… Read more

Five hidden restaurant gems in Mesa

Cornish Pasty Company Originating in Cornwall, England and popular among the mine workers there, the pasty is typically meat and potatoes folded into a pastry circle (a bit like a crescent-shaped pot pie). Cornwall native Dean Thomas brought the Cornish pasty to the valley in 2005 and has stuck to the original ingredients for the… Read more

What’s the difference between a property manager and a landlord?

Renting in Arizona can be tricky business. In addition to the issues surrounding putting down and ultimately getting back a security deposit, rowdy roommates, repair requests, etc., there’s also some potential for legal issues to arise. There’s also some differences between dealing with a landlord directly and going through a property management firm when you’re… Read more

Spring Training Ends! A Brief Rundown of Mesa’s Spring Teams

Spring is in the air, but to Cactus League closes as the MLB season begins. Spring training has already brought baseball fans to the area in droves, and this year, Mesa is in the center of the action with two newly renovated stadiums and 200+ MLB spring training games happening within 30 days. Mesa was Proud… Read more