Monthly Archives: May 2015

Unexpected Attractions in the East Valley

Looking for something off the beaten path while visiting the East Valley? Here’s a handful of unique and kitschy places you might enjoy. Organ Stop Pizza Not only can you build your own 8-inch, 12-inch or 14-inch pizza from a variety of toppings, you can take in the enchanting sounds of a giant Wurlitzer theatre… Read more

My Owner Draw Has Dried Up, Where is My Income?

You did the hard work of finding, purchasing and leasing out your income property. You did it, expecting a stream of income. That’s was the whole idea. What happened? An extended vacancy, a long turnover time, or a tenant having difficulties paying in a timely manner, are some of the reasons why your draw can… Read more

What’s Up With the Mesa Light Rail?

If you were here back in 2006, you remember when the light rail line was first being constructed on Main street. The tractors came back to extend the Valley Metro Light Rail three miles further, all the way to Mesa drive, and we’ve been watching the progress of that since 2012. Scheduled to be completed… Read more

I Can’t Find Vendors I Trust!

When you own an income property, you have several aspects to be concerned about in regards to the property. Are you attracting the right tenants for the property? Are you getting as much income as you should from the property? Owning a rental property can be an important part of your income, especially as part… Read more

Tired of Junk Fees from your Management Company?

Managing a rental property can be an arduous task, and especially if you live out of state, you may have a property manager handling the day-to-day operations of your Mesa property investments. You may have also had the experience of paying more for that service than you originally signed up for, and are not entirely… Read more