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Where’s My Rent? Online Portals for Direct Deposit

In today’s changing world, it’s important to have access to information in a moment’s notice. It’s also modern banking systems have allowed us to access and transfer funds across the world in a moment’s notice. Several online services have also made making payments quick and efficient for both parties in a transaction, and thanks to… Read more

Keeping your HOA Happy

So you’ve found the perfect house in Arizona, one that’s close to work and school, but there’s a small detail you may not have thought of. It’s an association-driven community. Especially if you’ve never dealt with one before, it’s important to know the basics of how it works so you can get along well with… Read more

Rent Ready Homes Attract Quality Tenants

View our latest video from Gentry Property Management. Phillip, property manager, explains how important the condition of your rental home is in finding a great tenant. Presenting a mediocre rental property can end up costing you thousands if you attract the wrong tenant. We can help you bring your property up to rent-ready condition and… Read more

Checklist for a Good Tenant

One of the most challenging aspects of owning a rental property is finding a stable tenant that will treat your property well and who is financially able to pay the agreed upon rent on time. While there are more renters than ever before in the Valley, it’s important to screen a prospective renter thoroughly before… Read more

Help! My home has flooded….What do I do?

Picture this. You arrive home from an exhausting day at work and notice water in your garage. You then notice the water is coming from under the door leading into your home. You need to take action quickly to minimize any damage. 1. Turn the main valve off to the home. In Arizona the main… Read more

How to Never Miss a Call from a Prospective Client

Many landlords choose to manage their own Mesa property investments, which means they are responsible for billing, collecting rent, inspections and maintenance on the property and several more crucial items. Especially when a property is vacant, finding and screening prospective tenants can be a hassle. You may end up receiving phone calls at all hours… Read more

Red Hot Arizona Rental Market

Temperatures in Arizona have been rising as fast as the rental market. Gentry Real Estate Group is witnessing our lowest vacancy rates on record as well as escalating rents throughout the valley. Cities within the core like Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Chandler are seeing the most rental activity and the largest rent bumps. The… Read more

Mesa Office Location

Our office is located at 2812 N Norwalk Ste #103 in Mesa Arizona. We are in The Commons Business park north of McDowell Rd and east of Val Vista Dr.

Do 360 Tours Make A Difference?

One of the most important aspects of getting a potential resident into a rental property is sparking their imaginations. When renters can “see” themselves living in a particular space, and even start mentally arranging furniture, they are far more likely to take a liking to the property and consider moving in. While photographs can serve… Read more

Is My Vacancy Rate Normal?

If you’ve ever had a vacant rental property, you know what a stressful time that can be. Every month that your Mesa property investments are empty equals monthly income lost, and while it’s important to remember that having some time while your properties are empty is a normal part of owning rental properties, having the… Read more

Property Manager’s Horror Stories

Most of the time, a landlord/tenant relationship goes fairly well: the property is well cared for and rent’s paid on time. At the very least, problems arise with tenants getting a little behind on rent. Sometimes, however, things can get really out of hand. Here’s a collection of strange and horrifying stories from landlords and… Read more

I Don’t Get Reports from Property Managers

An important aspect of owning a rental property is being able to keep track of all the events that affect your property. Since your property managers are typically responsible all of the activities regarding your property, you can often be left in the dark. Since your investment property is a major part of your net… Read more