Monthly Archives: December 2015

Winter Preparation

Arizona winters are short and generally mild but it is still important to be prepared. 1. Test your heat before it gets too cold. Some tenants wait until the coldest day of the year to turn the heat on and then find that it is not working. Avoid a cold home by testing the heat… Read more

Successful Real Estate Partnerships

4 signs of a Real Estate Partner-coming from a guy who has moved over 12,000 homes in 7 years 1. Healthy business partners speak respectfully about their partner even when their partner isn’t there to hear it. The tone of your words when speaking to your business partner OR about your partner will ultimately set… Read more

Interested in Flipping Homes?

Gentry Property Management works with many investors to purchase homes at a discount and then rehab and flip them for a profit. Here is a recent testimonial from one our clients. Spencer, FYI – we recorded at Arbor yesterday! Thanks again. If I don’t talk to you before Christmas, my wife Susan and I want… Read more

Struggles of a Real Estate Investor

I recently sat down with a couple struggling to be ongoing Real Estate Investors. A pattern of not winning auction bids, flips not selling, rehabs taking more then budget, Rehabs going over timeline, partners not honest, lack of motivation ect. They still wanted to invest, and they wanted the income, and rentals, but they both… Read more