3 Signs Your Property Manager Loves You

1. Face to face Time

Can you walk in and get face time with your Property Manager or are they a machine or robot? There’s no substitute for face time. There’s no volume of text messages or emails that can equate to the moments you spend looking your property manager in the eye. Simply put, if your Property Manager loves you then you can feel comfortable stopping by and saying hi anytime!

2. Side by side Relationship

Love manifests itself in partnerships. You must feel like your a partner with your Property Manager. Love thrives when you can walk into any situation hand-in-hand and side-by-side. Even in moments of disagreement, love beckons us to work together. When someone loves you, they’ll be willing to walk with you hand-in-hand even when the two of you aren’t seeing eye-to-eye. Love creates unity; not uniformity.

3. Back to back

When your Property Manager loves you, they will “have your back.” When you’re back-to-back, you’re facing property challenges together. We’re always willing to defend, and even at personal risk, to protect those we love. When your Property Manager loves you, they’re healing your property wounds; not causing your wounds.