4 Signs Your Property Manager is not Nice

4 signs you’re Property Manager is NOT a nice person

1. If your Property Manager is the type that is nice to the people around your table while eating at a restaurant but they are rude or demanding to the server.
I know you have seen this. I had a step sister whom I love dearly that would keep servers running ragged and around at her service as if she was the only one on the planet. If you’re Property Manager is the type of person that is nice to friends or co-workers while they are eating, but you’re not nice to the server, then they are not a nice person. Kindness is in its purest form when we give it to those who aren’t in a position to repay us. When Property Managers are nice co-workers, it’s just “networking,” but when they are nice to those who are serving them, it’s real kindness. I expound if your Property Manager has a different tone with an owner then they do with a tenant they are not a nice person.

2. If your Property Manager asks you, “how are you doing?” but then never wait to hear their response.

I’ve been guilty of this one much more than I’d like to admit. I am always in a hurry on the phone and if someone asks how I am doing I typically feel it is the American Standard to open the conversation that way and they dont really care how I am so why should I answer such a question. In our society’s definition of politeness, we can get by with asking ‘how are you doing?’ with having to care much about the person’s response, but genuine kindness and compassion compels us to care and to listen. I am more committed to this one and letting people know I really do care because I do. I just need to slow down.

3. If your Property Manager is the type cut people off in traffic, but rarely lets people in front of them in traffic.

I am good at this one I always let the car in that is in need. My wife tells me I am too nice because I am always letting the car in front of me in the lane if needed. I do this because that is how I would want to be treated and I am a professional at dodging traffic and waiting last second to get off the freeway so I need others to let me in all the time. This one doesn’t need much explanation if your Property Manager does this, they are not a nice driver. If they do this and also never use a turning signal, they probably need to just stop driving altogether let alone manage your couple 100k home.

4. If your Property manager has a full-blown, toddler-style meltdown when the internet stops working.

I’ve done this before and I regret it. How we act when the internet stops working says a lot about our character, doesn’t it? We can all do a better job of feeling like hey it is ok to get off the email and pick up the phone to have an adult conversation.

You may ask yourself why do I care about how my Property Manager acts in the car or while eating? The fact is you want a well rounded Property Manager that is awesome in all areas of life to manage your future and greatest Real Estate investment. If they are awesome at life they will be an awesome Property Manager!! If your looking for the best Property Managers in the world come to www.gentrypm.com and join our journey of making the world a better place!