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Why Buy A Rental?

Why buy a Rental?  Lack of wage growth Baby Boomers and Investors who are looking to increase their footprint in the single-family rental market should consider looking in one of the top 10 U.S. markets with the highest cap rate, according to data released by HomeUnion on Tuesday. The cap rate on an Single Family Residence investment… Read more

3 Signs Your Property Manager Loves You

1. Face to face Time Can you walk in and get face time with your Property Manager or are they a machine or robot? There’s no substitute for face time. There’s no volume of text messages or emails that can equate to the moments you spend looking your property manager in the eye. Simply put,… Read more

4 Signs Your Property Manager is not Nice

4 signs you’re Property Manager is NOT a nice person 1. If your Property Manager is the type that is nice to the people around your table while eating at a restaurant but they are rude or demanding to the server. I know you have seen this. I had a step sister whom I love… Read more

Network Marketing

It is a proven fact that the majority of small business owners, entrepreneurs and successful sales people rely on word-of-mouth marketing to grow their businesses. Imagine the success you could experience if you have an infinite network of  people that have your best interest in mind. An infinite network of people that know you are… Read more

Take Late Payments Seriously

Landlords often excuse late payments from tenants and do not enforce the late fees that are stipulated in the lease agreement. This is a big mistake. Failure to enforce your lease terms sends the wrong message to your tenants. Tenants receive the message: The landlord does not have a backbone and I can pay what… Read more

4 Ways to Improve Your Business and Be a Successful Real Estate Investor

1. Friends who talk negatively about your business.   Your friends probably have a much bigger influence on your business than you realize. If you’re frequently hanging out with people who don’t have positive attitudes, their mindset could potentially bring some dysfunction into your business if you’re not careful. Surround yourself with people who strengthen… Read more

Winter Preparation

Arizona winters are short and generally mild but it is still important to be prepared. 1. Test your heat before it gets too cold. Some tenants wait until the coldest day of the year to turn the heat on and then find that it is not working. Avoid a cold home by testing the heat… Read more

Successful Real Estate Partnerships

4 signs of a Real Estate Partner-coming from a guy who has moved over 12,000 homes in 7 years 1. Healthy business partners speak respectfully about their partner even when their partner isn’t there to hear it. The tone of your words when speaking to your business partner OR about your partner will ultimately set… Read more

Interested in Flipping Homes?

Gentry Property Management works with many investors to purchase homes at a discount and then rehab and flip them for a profit. Here is a recent testimonial from one our clients. Spencer, FYI – we recorded at Arbor yesterday! Thanks again. If I don’t talk to you before Christmas, my wife Susan and I want… Read more

Struggles of a Real Estate Investor

I recently sat down with a couple struggling to be ongoing Real Estate Investors. A pattern of not winning auction bids, flips not selling, rehabs taking more then budget, Rehabs going over timeline, partners not honest, lack of motivation ect. They still wanted to invest, and they wanted the income, and rentals, but they both… Read more

Arizona Property Management Experts

We are Arizona’s property management experts! Our staff is ready to help you rent and manage your investment property. Call us today at 480-654-3655 to discuss our services.

Are Rents On The Rise? A Heat Wave For Rentals!

Many have heard that the housing market has a lower than normal amount of listings and that favors sellers being able to sell their properties at a higher price, but how is the Rental Market these days? In the Phoenix Metropolitan area from January 2014 to January 2015 rents have risen 5.6% and since January… Read more

7 Tips for Breaking into the Luxury Market

1. Study Higher-End Agents. Look at what these agents are doing now. See how they present their brand and how do they market themselves. Review their websites, business cards and how they dress at events. If you can shadow them, even better! 2. Become An Expert. Know the number of listings, sales, pendings, expireds, fsbos,… Read more

Broker Supervision Leads to Honor Roll Status

Property Management is a complex business that is required to account for all money received by clients and customers. Andrew is our broker and is responsible for reconciling the accounting reports each month to make sure all money is fully accounted for. He is also responsible for making sure that all paper work is in… Read more

I Want To Be Your Property Manager

Danyele discusses her experience in the property management and real estate fields. She has local Arizona knowledge, a charming personality, and experience to make sure your property is well taken care of. Call her today at 480-654-3655.

Property Management Requires Good Communication

Leticia explains how she keeps her owners updated on their properties and tenants. It is important to provide owners with weekly updates on vacant properties and monthly accounting statements.

June Rental Statistics Are Here

ARMLS has released their monthly rental statistics for the Phoenix metro area. 2,808 homes rented in June 2015 compared with 2,715 for May 2015. The median lease price is $1,275 and the average days on market is 25. The peak rental season is still strong but usually comes to a close once school begins in… Read more

Help! My Tenant Has Stopped Paying Rent!

Phillip explains how he handles delinquent tenants and the benefits of hiring a professional property manager to supervise your Arizona investment property. Gentry Real Estate Group works with a local attorney to quickly resolve issues with problem tenants. The eviction process takes 3-5 weeks if we are not able to come to terms with your… Read more

Experience The Refreshing Difference

Why should you refer your clients to Gentry for property management services? 1. Realtor Client Protection Guarantee – We send the client back to you when it comes time to sell the property. 2. ADRE Audit Honor Roll – Your clients money is safe with us. 3. 6 Month Tenant Guarantee – We stand behind… Read more

New Rental House Available in Maricopa Arizona

View our newest available rental home in Maricopa, Arizona. This home features an open kitchen, large yard, master suite, and is in a great neighborhood. Call 480-719-4649 to view today.

Finding High Quality Tenants For Our Rental Homes

Leticia explains to our viewers why finding a quality tenant is the most important part of owning investment property. Leticia has years of experience as a property manager in Arizona and she understands what it takes to attract the best renters. She also knows how important the screening process is for avoiding problem tenants that… Read more

How to Hold on to your Security Deposit

Whether you’re dealing with a landlord or property management that the landlord’s hired, a big concern when renting a house or apartment is retaining that precious security deposit. Here are some tips on making sure you get it back in full when you move out. When You Move In Read your lease carefully. Make sure… Read more

Property Managers Need to Meet New Tenants Before Move In

Danyele explains why it is so important to meet all new tenants prior to the move-in. Our property managers will show tenants how to shut off the water in an emergency, show them the electric panel, sprinkler timer, cable and phone boxes, reset buttons for GFCI outlets, and the reset button for your garbage disposal…. Read more

Realtor Referrals Just Got Fun

Our Property Managers are standing by to begin managing properties for your clients. We offer the Gentry Referral Guarantee to all Realtors which means when it is time for your client to sell or buy additional properties – we refer the sales business back to you. We make your clients property our priority.

Rent Ready Homes Attract High Quality Tenants

Phillip explains how important it is to present a clean and safe rental property to prospective residents. Invest the money up front and you will receive higher rents, more applications, higher quality tenants, and longer lease terms. Homes that are not rent-ready will attract low quality tenants after the home sits on the market. Good… Read more

Where’s My Rent? Online Portals for Direct Deposit

In today’s changing world, it’s important to have access to information in a moment’s notice. It’s also modern banking systems have allowed us to access and transfer funds across the world in a moment’s notice. Several online services have also made making payments quick and efficient for both parties in a transaction, and thanks to… Read more

Keeping your HOA Happy

So you’ve found the perfect house in Arizona, one that’s close to work and school, but there’s a small detail you may not have thought of. It’s an association-driven community. Especially if you’ve never dealt with one before, it’s important to know the basics of how it works so you can get along well with… Read more

Rent Ready Homes Attract Quality Tenants

View our latest video from Gentry Property Management. Phillip, property manager, explains how important the condition of your rental home is in finding a great tenant. Presenting a mediocre rental property can end up costing you thousands if you attract the wrong tenant. We can help you bring your property up to rent-ready condition and… Read more