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Checklist for a Good Tenant

One of the most challenging aspects of owning a rental property is finding a stable tenant that will treat your property well and who is financially able to pay the agreed upon rent on time. While there are more renters than ever before in the Valley, it’s important to screen a prospective renter thoroughly before… Read more

Help! My home has flooded….What do I do?

Picture this. You arrive home from an exhausting day at work and notice water in your garage. You then notice the water is coming from under the door leading into your home. You need to take action quickly to minimize any damage. 1. Turn the main valve off to the home. In Arizona the main… Read more

How to Never Miss a Call from a Prospective Client

Many landlords choose to manage their own Mesa property investments, which means they are responsible for billing, collecting rent, inspections and maintenance on the property and several more crucial items. Especially when a property is vacant, finding and screening prospective tenants can be a hassle. You may end up receiving phone calls at all hours… Read more

Red Hot Arizona Rental Market

Temperatures in Arizona have been rising as fast as the rental market. Gentry Real Estate Group is witnessing our lowest vacancy rates on record as well as escalating rents throughout the valley. Cities within the core like Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Chandler are seeing the most rental activity and the largest rent bumps. The… Read more

Mesa Office Location

Our office is located at 2812 N Norwalk Ste #103 in Mesa Arizona. We are in The Commons Business park north of McDowell Rd and east of Val Vista Dr.

Do 360 Tours Make A Difference?

One of the most important aspects of getting a potential resident into a rental property is sparking their imaginations. When renters can “see” themselves living in a particular space, and even start mentally arranging furniture, they are far more likely to take a liking to the property and consider moving in. While photographs can serve… Read more

Is My Vacancy Rate Normal?

If you’ve ever had a vacant rental property, you know what a stressful time that can be. Every month that your Mesa property investments are empty equals monthly income lost, and while it’s important to remember that having some time while your properties are empty is a normal part of owning rental properties, having the… Read more

Property Manager’s Horror Stories

Most of the time, a landlord/tenant relationship goes fairly well: the property is well cared for and rent’s paid on time. At the very least, problems arise with tenants getting a little behind on rent. Sometimes, however, things can get really out of hand. Here’s a collection of strange and horrifying stories from landlords and… Read more

I Don’t Get Reports from Property Managers

An important aspect of owning a rental property is being able to keep track of all the events that affect your property. Since your property managers are typically responsible all of the activities regarding your property, you can often be left in the dark. Since your investment property is a major part of your net… Read more

Unexpected Attractions in the East Valley

Looking for something off the beaten path while visiting the East Valley? Here’s a handful of unique and kitschy places you might enjoy. Organ Stop Pizza Not only can you build your own 8-inch, 12-inch or 14-inch pizza from a variety of toppings, you can take in the enchanting sounds of a giant Wurlitzer theatre… Read more

My Owner Draw Has Dried Up, Where is My Income?

You did the hard work of finding, purchasing and leasing out your income property. You did it, expecting a stream of income. That’s was the whole idea. What happened? An extended vacancy, a long turnover time, or a tenant having difficulties paying in a timely manner, are some of the reasons why your draw can… Read more

What’s Up With the Mesa Light Rail?

If you were here back in 2006, you remember when the light rail line was first being constructed on Main street. The tractors came back to extend the Valley Metro Light Rail three miles further, all the way to Mesa drive, and we’ve been watching the progress of that since 2012. Scheduled to be completed… Read more

I Can’t Find Vendors I Trust!

When you own an income property, you have several aspects to be concerned about in regards to the property. Are you attracting the right tenants for the property? Are you getting as much income as you should from the property? Owning a rental property can be an important part of your income, especially as part… Read more

How you know its Summer in AZ — melted shoes, burning jean rivets, etc

Spring is already in the air, and for most of the country, that’s good news.  It means the snow’s melting and they can finally go enjoy the great outdoors.  Here in Arizona, it means something different.  it’s the time of year when we start bracing ourselves for what we know is coming right behind it…. Read more

Tired of Junk Fees from your Management Company?

Managing a rental property can be an arduous task, and especially if you live out of state, you may have a property manager handling the day-to-day operations of your Mesa property investments. You may have also had the experience of paying more for that service than you originally signed up for, and are not entirely… Read more

5 Apps that May Keep you from Hating your Roomates

Renting a home or apartment can sometimes be difficult. On top of finding a great location with the best property management, you also need to be able to afford it. That’s where roommates come in. Roommates are sometimes a necessary evil of living, and they’re strange, because you share many household items and responsibilities with… Read more

Apple opening data center in Mesa

Announced in early February of this year, the tech giant Apple said that it will invest $2 billion over the next ten years to convert the GT Advanced plant in Mesa into a new data center. The new facility—which will serve as a command center for the company’s global networks—will employ 150 full-time Apple employees… Read more

How do I handle a problem tenant?

There are horror stories abound about the most irresponsible and destructive tenants. For an example of the worst that could possibly happen, check out “Bad Tenants” on YouTube. The problems that tenants can cause range from relatively small, like stains on the carpet, to the downright criminal, like setting up a meth lab. Most of… Read more

Five fun birthday activities for kids

So your little one’s turning a year older soon, and you want to make this birthday a fun one. Keeping kids entertained is no easy task, so we’ve got some birthday game ideas to help you keep the party fun and energetic. Here’s a list of five of our favorites: Popcorn Drop This is a… Read more

Five hidden restaurant gems in Mesa

Cornish Pasty Company Originating in Cornwall, England and popular among the mine workers there, the pasty is typically meat and potatoes folded into a pastry circle (a bit like a crescent-shaped pot pie). Cornwall native Dean Thomas brought the Cornish pasty to the valley in 2005 and has stuck to the original ingredients for the… Read more

What’s the difference between a property manager and a landlord?

Renting in Arizona can be tricky business. In addition to the issues surrounding putting down and ultimately getting back a security deposit, rowdy roommates, repair requests, etc., there’s also some potential for legal issues to arise. There’s also some differences between dealing with a landlord directly and going through a property management firm when you’re… Read more

Spring Training Ends! A Brief Rundown of Mesa’s Spring Teams

Spring is in the air, but to Cactus League closes as the MLB season begins. Spring training has already brought baseball fans to the area in droves, and this year, Mesa is in the center of the action with two newly renovated stadiums and 200+ MLB spring training games happening within 30 days. Mesa was Proud… Read more

2015 and Beyond!

The key word for Arizona’s Real Estate Market in 2015, would be stable. That’s a word we haven’t been able to use in Real Estate in quite some time. According to the Home Buying Institute, “Inventory levels are normalizing. Housing markets are normalizing.” We’re seeing steady growth year by year, limiting the amount of risk… Read more

Invest in Real Estate Using Your IRA

Did you know you can use your IRA to invest in Real Estate? I’m really excited about this concept! Many of us have money sitting in an IRA earning 2% a year. What if you could quadruple that or more with no tax repercussions? There are a few ways to do just that, purchase property… Read more

Thankful for your Property Manager During the Holidays

4 Holiday Reasons You’ll be Thankful for your Property Manager The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone, but especially for Landlords without Property Management. This is a time most Americans want to be spending with their families, unless of course you don’t like yours… Regardless, you’ve probably got the in laws over anyway,… Read more

A Day in the Life of a Property Manager

Often, rental properties come with a host of uncomfortable situations involving tenants – all the more reason to hire a Property Manager. I recently had a rather uncomfortable encounter with a new tenant, and I know my client, the owner of the property, is glad I dealt with it instead of him. My client recently… Read more

Passive Income through Real Estate Investing

Let’s talk about the American Dream. To me that means having the opportunity to build a business, generate wealth, and create freedom of time. Life is too short to spend 40 years in a cubicle for a peanuts pension. So how do we accomplish this? In this article, we’ll talk about achieving it through Real… Read more

Renewal Procedures

Keeping great tenants in place is one of the major goals of a good property manager. Reliable tenants are equivalent to no rehab expenses and steady revenue for owners. Here is a list of important questions to ask your property manager to ensure they are doing all they can to get you a lease renewal… Read more

Investing in Real Estate

Let me be the first to say, I am no financial advisor, so please take this with a grain of salt, as it is simply my perspective when examining the numbers… Let’s take a look at the options when considering where the best place to invest your hard earned money would be. The only thing… Read more