Meet the Team


RentVest is a family-run small business based in Mesa Arizona. Our owners and employees have deep roots in the local community. We want to be your superhero property manager.



Account Manager

Deanna is originally from New York and started working at 14 years old. Because of this she has an unrivaled work ethic, and an innate understanding of the value of a dollar. Her dog Belle is the love of her life. Deanna enjoys expanding her mind by learning about various different cultures, sociology, and real estate law. She is currently in school working toward a master’s degree in Environmental Resource Management at ASU’s Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering.

Deanna has been in Property management for close to a decade, with a background in multi-family, government subsidized, and single family residences. She loves the investment opportunities that Real Estate provides, and always strives to make sure her clients maximize their return on investment and minimize their potential legal liability.

If Deanna were a super hero, she would be: “Catwoman, because she smokes Batman!” ☺


Property Manager

A mid-western girl at heart, Danyele moved to Arizona from Wisconsin in 1990. Her passion for Real Estate and Property Management was realized 16 years ago when she started a career as a Leasing Consultant for an apartment community. In 2006, she obtained her Real Estate license and has focused on helping people buy, sell and/or rent their homes throughout her career. In 2007, she was the recipient of the company-wide Customer Service Award for providing excellent service to her residents and property owners of the previous property management company she worked for. Danyele is active within her community as a Block Watch Captain, HOA Social Committee participant, Event Coordinator and Fundraiser Organizer/Promoter. She has 2 wonderful kids, 2 adorable chihuahuas, enjoys supporting local valley bands, tries to not take life too seriously, loves playing scrabble, Dr. Mario and ping pong. If Danyele could be a SuperHero, she would choose to be “Emma Frost- because she can read minds and project her thoughts into the minds of others”.



Property Manager

Phil is originally from Alaska, he has a passion for music, dogs, and the outdoors. He loves being on the lakes in the summer, and can’t get enough of the Arizona sun. Phil began his career in residential property management in Alaska, in 1996. In his years of experience, Phil has also been a maintenance supervisor for over 700 homes, and has experience in residential sales and fix and flips. Phil came to Arizona in 2005 and has been sharing his expertise in Single Family Property Management with the valley of the sun ever since.

If Phil were a super hero, he would be: “The Incredible Hulk, because he’s the regulator!”



Property Manager and Leasing Agent

Synthia was born in Phoenix, Arizona but has spent most of her life in Mesa. She has been married for 22 years and has 2 children. She loves her pets are if they were additional children. Prior to getting into real estate she was in the medical field. She loved helping others in the medical field but decided to give real estate a try 10 years ago. She loves helping clients find a home, whether it is a rental, purchase, or the sale of a home. She is a very hard worker for all of her clients and customers.

If I was a superhero I would be The Invisible Woman so I can adapt to any situation I have to face.



Account Manager

Stephanie was born and raised in Provo, Utah. She is very family oriented, compassionate, understanding and shy. As a child her family had multiple gatherings for the holidays and other events, but her most favorite was the yearly summer camping trip for a week in the mountains on a property her family owned.  Also as a child she had the experience of raising multiple varieties of animals (such as bunnies, ducks, birds, dogs, gerbils, fish, etc) learning the meaning and value of responsibility and life.

She moved to Arizona in 2010 and knew that this was going to be her new home because she LOVES the heat. She met her husband and soul mate Nicholas whom she loves with all her heart. She enjoys movies, reading, playing video games, sports and many other things. She is also very organized, consistent, professional, and hard working. With these skills she has been able to excel at anything she does. She has been with Gentry for a little over a year and has enjoyed every bit of it.

If Stephanie were a super hero, she would be: “Mystique, because she can become the person that you need her to be”.



Office Manager

Our fearless leader



Property Manager and Leasing Agent

Nicole grew up in a small town in Michigan surrounded by a huge extended family. She attended Michigan State University where she earned a degree in education and met her husband. After a brief 2 year stint in Iowa City, IA, where she met the nicest people ever but didn’t see the sun for 73 days in a row (during the 1993 flood), she hightailed it to sunny AZ. What was supposed to be a 2 year stay has turned into 20+ years. She has moved around the valley living in North Phoenix, Goodyear, and Ahwatukee. Hobbies include traveling, hiking, jet skiing, dancing, and patrolling Home Depot for her next ‘project.’ Ten years ago, she and her husband purchased their first investment property and she enjoyed the process of finding investment properties, fixing them up and renting them so much she decided she must get her real estate license. Working at Gentry the past 2 ½ years has been a great fit, giving her access to Auctions, fantastic property management software, investigators and more.

If I were a superhero, I would be Rogue from X-Men (the cartoon) because she can fly (avoiding traffic congestion) and she can ‘borrow’ the abilities of everyone she touches making their superpowers her own.



Investment Specialist

Jacob Ash was born and raised in Mesa Arizona. At the age of 21, having recently returned from serving a mission for his church for the last two years in Ecuador, he began working for a real estate brokerage where he met his wife Stacy Kartchner. Jacob is married to the love of his life and has 3 beautiful children who he enjoys spending his free time with.

He has assisted hundreds of buyers attain financial goals and solid returns off of bank owned, short sale, and trustee sale purchases. Jacob has been practicing real estate for 10 years and has taken part in thousands of transactions and has been part in over a billion dollars in real estate sales. Jacob prides himself on always being 100% honest with his investors, being a hard worker, and always making himself available to his clients for whatever needs they have.  Jacob considers himself an avid real estate investor and mentor to those that are looking for solid returns regardless of the economy or situation.

If Jacob were a super hero, he would be: “The Flash, so I can be back and forth from anywhere in seconds!”



Investment Specialist

Spencer Caldwell grew up in the small Northern town of Snowflake, Arizona.  As young as 5 years old, Spencer shadowed his father at the family pig farm.  When Spencer was 14, his father stopped raising pigs and started smoking them and opened a BBQ restaurant.  Spencer later worked at the restaurant while studying Bio Chemistry at Arizona State University in his early 20’s.

At the age of 19, Spencer accepted a 2 year mission calling for his church.  He served and loved the people in Mississippi and Louisiana.  He continues to keep in touch and considers his friends in the South to be family.

In 2001 Spencer married Alisa Wares and they have 4 children.  His family is what brings him the most joy.  Real Estate has been a blessing and has allowed Spencer to spend more time with his family.

Spencer originally wanted to go to Dental School, but real estate sparked his interest.  He watched successful real estate mentors closely across the U.S and found that real estate was in his constant thoughts.  Spencer decided to spend some time in real estate his 4th year of college.  Spencer began working with those mentors and purchased 10 investment homes that 1st year and has not stopped.

Spencer has continued his real estate career and has served 1000′s of buying parties in purchasing investment properties and first time homes. Spencer has assisted clients in buying over 10,000 homes at auction in 7 years.  He has sold over a billion in Real Estate holdings. Spencer’s strategy is to find homes that he would purchase himself and share the opportunity with his clients.  His experience and strategy make him an expert and trusted advisor in the real estate industry.

If Spencer were a super hero, he would be: “Superman, so I can have big muscles, fly, and save people.”



Broker - Director of Property Management

Travis is originally from Nebraska, but spent much of his childhood and young adult life in Illinois. After finishing college there, Travis migrated to Arizona for a taste of bigger city life, and so that he never has to shovel snow again! He has two sisters and loves his family. Travis resides here in Mesa, loves movies and reading, has seen every documentary ever aired on the history channel, and has a great sense of humor.

Travis has been in Property Management since 2001. He has a background in student housing, multi-family, government subsidized property, vacation rentals and single-family homes. He is a member of the National Association of Realtors, Property Management Division, and holds an Arizona State Broker’s License. Travis is incredibly well versed in State and Federal Landlord/Tenant Law. He is a wealth of knowledge and a great resource for owners, tenants, and the Gentry Team alike.

If Travis were a super hero, he would be: “Iron Man, because he uses technology to defeat the evils of the world.”


Property Manager


Acquisition Manager

Devyn started his foray into Real Estate almost 15 years ago when he worked as an Accounting Assistant for a Property Management company in Scottsdale, AZ. From there he went on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University (Go Devils!) in Real Estate Development. Throughout his career he has owned and operated multiple businesses, holding numerous certifications and licenses including his Arizona Real Estate License. As our Acquisition Manager Devyn will be integral in making sure RentVest meets it’s growth projections responsibly and efficiently while also maintaining a portfolio of homes in the Phoenix Market.