Tempe Arizona Property Management


There’s no greater pain a landlord can endure than a vacant apartment. Vacant rentals only mean one thing – empty bank accounts. In order for money to come in quickly and stay in business, landlords must realize how important filling in all empty rentals as fast as possible.

Perhaps, you are keeping your hopes too high due to the fact that you have a rental unit in one of the best places to be which is Tempe Arizona. And I cannot put the blame on you because for without a doubt Tempe is “the best place to be”.

Living in Tempe Arizona

Here are the reasons why Tempe Arizona is the best place to be:

Mixture of History and Modern Amenities. Tempe Arizona is a city with an exciting mixture of old with the new. Despite its dynamic developments, the city still respects its heritage by maintaining old structures and preserving culture and history in its museums.

Diverse Housing Options. Choosing a home in Tempe relies heavily on the resident’s lifestyle. The city has so much options to offer: from upscale lofts and condos to older homes tuck in one of Tempe’s renowned neighborhoods. In case you are interested to expand your rental investments in Tempe Arizona, simply sign up to receive daily foreclosure lists here.

Vast Recreation Opportunities. Any person won’t be at a loss of things to do in Tempe. From numerous events to historic and modern amenities, there is certainly endless fun for residents.

Despite the benefits Tempe Arizona offers to its residents, the location of a rental unit is not the only factor would-be tenants look into when renting a place. Other factors come into play which is why hiring services of experts in property management like Gentry Property Management is a good decision. This is most especially true if your rental unit in Tempe has been vacant for several months.

Filling in apartment or house vacancies does not come naturally. It is a learned skill that an amateur investor must work hard at yet expert property managers already have.

About Gentry Property Management

Gentry Property Management manages rental properties throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties. This includes Tempe Arizona.

Their experts in property management are abreast with the right skills to make property ownership and managing tenants an easy job.

Whether you are interested in renting a home, finding a tenant, or investing in a rental property, Gentry Property Management will rush to your rescue.

Gentry Property Management Services

These are the services you can expect from Gentry Property Management:

  • Aggressive and Reliable Marketing. Gentry markets your property by posting snapshots and videos of your rental unit and its nearby amenities to the company’s website and other rental listing platforms. This allows your rental property attract as many potential tenants as possible. All processes with regards to filling in your vacancy, the company handles by itself.
  • Rental Market Analysis. The rental market analysis done by the company isn’t in par with the competition. Gentry ensures that you’ll get the maximum profits by using current and reliable information from various listing services and rental websites.
  • Legal Protection. As a client of Gentry, you’ll be given updates on the current legislations with regards to rental properties. It is an assurance that you are up-to-date on the laws revolving around your investment preventing unwarranted lawsuits from coming in.
  • Gentry guarantees you of a FREE home release if a tenant does not stay for more than 6 months as well as a FREE cancellation fee if their services won’t meet your expectations.
  • 24/7 Access to Its Online Portal. Gentry issues a login information so that owners can regularly check the status of the property and access rental payments.
  • Fair Management Fees. To fully enjoy Gentry’s services, you’ll only be charged 10% on all collected rents as well as half a month’s rent upon initial leasing. Furthermore, Gentry can make your property rent ready at an affordable rate. Lastly, they also offer fair maintenance services so that you can avoid the stress of receiving maintenance complaints from your tenants.

For more information about Gentry Professional Property Management and its services, call (480) 654-3655 or fill out a form here.

 What Our Clients Are Saying:

As a first time out of state landlord having a property management company you can rely on and trust is paramount. I am glad I have Gentry management to help me along the way. Whether it is screening tenants or questions that may come up, I would highly recommend their services. – Ryan W

Deanna provides great management services to us!!! She is extremely proactive and responsive which lets us know that our property is in good hands. Deanna provides timely solutions to the occasional problems faced by landlords and she is always available to address our questions/requests.

I can DEFINITELY say that we are very happy she is our property manager. Thanks a million!!! – Greg K

I recently rented a property with Gentry. Phillip M. is my Property Manager. He is very responsive, easy to work with, and knowledgeable. I am glad that I made the decision to go with Gentry. Thank you Phil! – Chris P