Where’s My Rent? Online Portals for Direct Deposit

In today’s changing world, it’s important to have access to information in a moment’s notice. It’s also modern banking systems have allowed us to access and transfer funds across the world in a moment’s notice. Several online services have also made making payments quick and efficient for both parties in a transaction, and thanks to the use of online bill paying technology, you have options as to which method to use in order to collect rent from your Mesa property investments.

Traditional Methods

In the past, tenants and landlords were forced to rely on snail mail or in-person interactions in order to conduct transactions. This was problematic for several reasons, one of which being the age-old excuse of “the check got lost in the mail” from a bad tenant. In other cases, the mailed check could have been postmarked on the correct date, but the landlord did not receive the payment for several days.

Landlords and Mesa rental managers across the board agree that collecting physical rent checks is a big pain for. Tenants pay late or are difficult to find, their checks can bounce and you have to physically collect and cash the checks. Thankfully there is a better way.

Online Methods

online paymentGone are the days of dealing with late payments and fees, bounced checks and even physically meeting with tenants in order to collect income from your rental property. The “check’s in the mail” excuse is out the door, too, as well as the hassle of receiving, processing and depositing checks. Electronic draft methods allow tenants to automatically pay their bills at any time of day and for their payments to be processed immediately.

Once a lease has been signed, you are able to login to the online owner portal. You’re presented with a dashboard where you receive updated information on the status of your Mesa rental property and the status of all rent payments. You can also receive automated email notifications when payments are submitted, returned, or deposited. As a result, you reduce delinquencies and increase on-time payments and make paying rent more convenient for your tenants.
Speak to a Mesa property manager today about automating the payment process.